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Kunal Sood

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Social Entrepreneur, Impact Investor & Curator of the Future


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Kunal Sood is the Founder of X Fellows and X Impact Group, who has made transforming the world his life’s purpose and mission by helping change the lives of a billion people by the year 2030. Sood does this by actively partnering with Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and ethical brands intent on making the world a better place such as Google, SAP and Tencent Holdings as well as social enterprises like the X Prize Foundation, International Peace institute and NASA.
He is the co-founder and Executive Chairman of Novus, which is an inter-generational social impact summit and network that helps support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by uniting humanity through science, innovation, and technology to make the impossible possible.  As a social entrepreneur, impact investor, and philanthropic leader, Sood is focused on promoting organizations that make a positive difference both locally and globally by reimagining peace in our time. Social innovators like Sood are truly extraordinary citizens of the world helping set a new standard for other firms to follow in order to do well by doing good for the people and planet.
For his steadfast commitment to the field of social innovation and impact, Sood is the recipient of the Tribeca Disruptor Innovation Award and RoundGlass Samsara Lifetime Achievement Award at the legislative parliament of India. Sood is also a TED Resident and keynote speaker at the Tribeca Film Festival, Forbes Impact, TED, Nexus, United Nations and the White House. He Graduated from Kellogg School of Management with an M.B.A., and the University of Pennsylvania with a M.A., in Positive Psychology. He is an Ambassador for OpenEXO and Singularity University and serves on the Advisory Board of Peace Accelerators, Edcast and Lottery.com.
We welcome Kunal Sood as our Global Ambassador for Peace!