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Partnering with the Foundation

Active partners

Great people and partners support us in our ambition to build a great platform for the education of the young generation worldwide and in order to make a change for the better:


Premium partner

We donate 10¢ from each money transfer to help the Foundation and its educational programs.

sendvalu transfers your money to thousands of locations world-wide, 24/7 from the convenience of your own PC or tablet.

sendvalu is the Swiss way to transfer money: convenient, easy, affordable and secure!

Check out our services and great transfer rates at: www.sendvalu.com

McCANN Mexico

Premium partner

NVP Mexico and McCann developed the campaign "Violence ends where education starts" and won 2 Cannes Lions bronze medals for the video and the outdoor print campaign. Thank you NVP Mexico for being a brave client and thank you McCann for creating an extremely successful campaign!

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> McCann global website


44två AB is a company with over 40 years of experience in web development.

We are fully committed to be the best CMS developers in the market, this makes our offering quite unique and hard to match for other full-service bureaus.

We know that in order to become an expert you need focus. Our focus is on the Content Management System market with platforms like Episerver, Umbraco, Sitecore and other .NET based platforms.

We always have these things top of mind:

  • functional and easy to administer
  • durable, a website from us can be extended for years to come
  • mobile, add content in one place - make it accessible in multiple channels

We work agile and appreciate different partners in different projects.

We are used to work with big and small design bureaus as well as big and small clients and we know that every client presents a unique challenge.

We modestly face our clients with respect and adapt us after every unique situation.

We are professional developers and have worked with renown clients like Ahlsell, Scania, MTG, Axfood etc.

44två knows what it takes to build a modern professional website that can be extended over many years.

For a meeting, call or send an email.

Best Regards

Christian H Ridderstolpe

> www.44tva.se
> christian@44tva.se


Thank you to the City and the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland, which have been supporting NVP since 2018 on a major educational project in Uganda.

How to Become a Partner


The Non-Violence Project Foundation develops many kind of partnerships with various institutions: schools, universities, other NGOs, international organizations, corporates, foundations, local authorities and many more !


The Foundation offers also the possibility to create co-branded products using the Knotted Gun symbol with some corporates that share the same values The collections generated by these partnerships support the Foundation’s work in terms of awareness raising and educational programs.


Some celebrities or local heroes can also become partners in supporting the Foundation’s cause as a NVPF Ambassador. Ambassadors can be local or global and involved in various degrees with the Foundation.


Corporates or any other organization can become an active partner of NVP: implementing an employees’ training, be part of a volunteer program, purchasing and customizing a Knotted Gun sculpture, sponsoring a project, all partnerships are possible to join the NVP family !


The Knotted Gun is a strong symbol of Peace and is already in more than 30 locations in the world. Cities, with or without the help of private sponsors, can participate by placing a bronze sculpture in their city and become a member of CITIES FOR PEACE!



A way of contributing to raise awareness and support NVPS’ work is to sponsor an initiative, an educational program, a sculpture of the Knotted Gun or any other relevant activity that can have an impact on a community. The sponsor can be a private donor, a corporate, a local authority or any organization that wants to support a specific project.

As an example of sponsoring, the Stena Group sponsored programs and a beautiful sculpture in Belfast. Watch the video :



Be part of “one of the best youth educational programs of the world” according to Barack Obama, Mexico City, May 3rd 2013.

Financial support: free amount through the Foundation Paypal account
In-kind donations: media space, equipment, advertising products etc
Legacies: by letting the foundation take part of your heritage, you would be an eternal part of our work to reduce violence in the world.

Create a fundraising campaign: starting a fundraising campaign with your friends, colleagues, family etc can be achived with or without an event (sports activity or match, a festival, life event (i.e. a birthday, a wedding).

> To know more about all the possibilities to donate, please click here

The Non-Violence Project

The Non-Violence Project is a non-profit organization created in 1993 with the goal of preventing and reducing violence. The organization is headquartered in Switzerland and is active in many countries around the world. Its symbol, the Knotted Gun, is an international symbol of peace. 
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Our mission

Our mission is to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and ENGAGE people to solve conflicts without resorting to any form of violence. Through education and awareness, we measure the impact of our programs and we have a specific focus on youth as we believe in the power of young people as changemakers. 
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How you can support

There are many ways to support our work ! We rely on the generosity of our donors but we also welcome projects’ sponsoring, fundraising events, partnerships of all kinds and much more. 
To find how you or your organization can support the Foundation’s activities around the world, please click here


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