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Skills and Tools
The programs designed for adults have the objective to help our participants to identify the importance of a healthy self-esteem, use conflict management skills to solve problems and learn how to act in a peaceful and non-violent way.

The trainings are designed often through ineractive workshops in order to suit high schools, universities, corporates, administrations, NGO and any organization involved with adults . The programs can be tailored on demand.

A problem solving approach
The programs help the attendees not only to better understand themselves, their colleagues, their work environnement but also and mainly to come up with solutions to prevent or reduce violent behaviors.

Violent behaviors can go from pressure at work or in an educational environment, harassment , mobbing, sexual abuse and more.

NVP has specifically designed workshopsto prevent all sorts of harrasment.

Train The Trainer
All programs incorporate modules that give the managers the skills, the tools and the knowledge necessary to run a NVP training program for adult students, employees, managers or any other audience involved in.

KNOT OK initiative

NVPF and Rightbridge join forces to make e-sport and e-gaming a safer place through KNOT OK.
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