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Shonosuke Okura

Shonosuke Okura | Japan



Drummer, Noh Otsuzumi player



Shonosuke Okura 大倉 正之助 正之助 joined Non-Violence Project Japan in 2015. Shonosuke was born in the head family of Okura school of Noh Otsuzumi and Kotsuzumi. He is titled "The General Holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property Noh Otsuzumi Player" at Okura School. A school that has been in existence since the Muromachi period. Shonosuke has taken lessons from his father Chojuro Okura and grandfather Choemon Okura, and made his debut at the age of nine. (Face photo: Matt Turner)

He has performed with artists of many countries and has taken an active part in international cultural exchange. He has appeared in the media a lot such as commercials, documentaries and so on. He is continuing to transmit Japanese culture to the world.

  • 大倉正之助氏
  • 能楽囃子大倉流大鼓  重要無形文化財総合認定保持者
  • 室町時代より代々続く能楽囃子大倉流大鼓、小鼓の宗家に生まれ9歳で初舞台。能楽の公演のほか、世界各国の首脳・VIP来日時など、首相官邸晩餐会での演 奏や、政府主催の音楽祭に参加、ローマ法王より招聘されバチカン宮殿内においても日本代表として演奏する。国内外のアーティストとの共演等、国際文化交流 の場で活躍。