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Oona Chaplin is an actress and activist who you may recognize from the Game of Thrones. She is Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter, and has inherited his passion for storytelling as well as the desire to use her voice to shine a light on social issues and the miracle of human potential. Eager to make a difference, she spent months in and out of the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais volunteering with helprefugees.org, has championed film education with Saharawi refugees by supporting the FiSahara, and uses her social media presence to highlight social and environmental issues, curiosities and possible solution.

Recently, she landed a leading role in the upcoming Avatar sequels, which seems fitting as she has devoted much of the last 6 years to cultural exchange with indigenous communities from all over the world, particularly Brazil, Mexico, and Chile- where her father hails from.

As a trustee of the Boa Foundation, she is passionate about how much we have to learn from cultures that live in intimate relationship with Nature, as well as supporting positive western technologies that provide solutions for sustainable living the world over.

A warm welcome to Oona Chaplin as a Global Ambassador for Peace!