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November 14, 2022
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Multiyear Partnership with RE Capital

Lisbon, November 15th 2022

The Non-Violence Project Foundation is delighted to announce a multiyear partnership with RE Capital, a pan- European, investment, development and asset management company.

Former footballer Luis Figo, Newman Leech from Re Capital and Anouk Tenten, NVP CEO.

The partnership will be centred on engagement and education for entire communities, and was heralded by the unveiling of a Knotted Gun statue, on the event of the celebration of the Armistice Day, which settles the symbolic end of the First World War. This international symbol of peace, and logo of the Non-Violence Project Foundation, was unveiled at RE Capital’s development, LX Living, in Lisbon on 11 November, where members of the public will be able to visit it from January next year. The ceremony took place in collaboration with football icon, Luis Figo.

Building on from a spray art community workshop on 11 November, which was led by Lisbon-based street artist, Pitanga, future activities will involve educational workshops to include local artists, schools, and educational institutions where RE Capital has a presence, with the aim of promoting social change. These will include additional workshops with Pitanga, spoken word and poetry evenings, and a series of screen-printing workshops that will take place on weekends with a community group from Amadora. The vision is to create programmes around specific audiences, for example: youth groups, women, and older people, tackling key issues such as: mental ill health, youth disenfranchisment, and women’s empowerment.

To support this partnership, a new studio has been established in Marvila, Lisbon, in collaboration with production company, Studio Eight. The studio provides 352 square metres of warehouse space, with the vision of providing a customisable resource for community workshops. The partnership has ambitious plans to extend their efforts to London and Geneva, two other cities in which RE Capital has a significant presence, over the years to come, with the vision of building impactful programmes that strive for meaningful community engagement and upliftment.

Anouk Tenten, CEO at The Non-Violence Project Foundation, said: “Our aim is to assist any organisation, school, university or community with their efforts and actions against violent behaviours. Our solutions and work can be recognised by a very powerful symbol, our unique brand, the Knotted Gun. With the help of partners we gain larger recognition, understanding of our work and are able to join forces in promoting social change. Hence we are extremely thankful for the partnership with RE Capital, as it will help us achieve our mission of spreading awareness and education to prevent and reduce violence for people and their living environments. RE Capital's desire to enhance a positive impact on the living conditions in the cities and communities where they are present, is totally aligned with our work. Together, we are ready to drive positive change over the years to come.”

Newman Leech, CEO at RE Capital, said: “We are continually rethinking the social aspect of our operations and are committed to engaging with local communities in a meaningful way. We will be aligning with locally relevant NGOs and enterprises to build value-adding community development programmes and initiatives. The Non Violence Project Foundation has a wonderful vision of striving for peace through education, and we look forward to rethinking and reimagining community together.”
John Neto Valente, Investment Director at RE Capital, added: “We recognise that the communities in which we develop property are impacted by our projects. While our projects provide brilliant places to live, work or shop, we believe we have a responsibility to enhance and uplift the local community around them. Launching in Portugal shows our commitment to a market that is ripe with opportunity – opportunity to create initiatives that serve the communities in the areas our developments are based.”

Special guest ex-football player Luís Figo also celebrated the partnership: “Art, like Sports, is synonymous with passion, a phenomenon of universal language. Putting this strength and capacity for mass mobilisation at the service of social and humanitarian causes is something I did all my life. In the troubled world we live in, it is increasingly important to call people back to what is most important and to a sense of belonging and humanity that has been lost in recent times. I had to support this partnership between RE Capital and the Non-Violence Project Foundation – it is the affirmation that we all have a role to play in building a less violent and more human world.”

RE Capital is a privately owned, Pan-European property investment, asset and development management business, employing highly skilled teams in London, Lisbon and Geneva. The firm aligns its interests throughout every step of the investment life cycle with co-investment at the core of its approach, meaning it is deeply committed to the success of its investors. Since inception, RE Capital has successfully transacted with its clients on 30 projects across the UK, Switzerland, Portugal and Germany, representing a market value of circa €1billion.

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