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November 10, 2022
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FOOTBALL FOR PEACE: a long-term partnership between NVP and ChampSDA

The Non-Violence Project and ChampSDA have strengthened a long-term partnership through FOOTBALL FOR PEACE, an initiative to promote cohesion, team spirit and other skills among children and youth to prevent and reduce violent behaviors.

To support this initiative and raise funds, the artist group “Green Capitalists” have developed several collections of Secured Digital Assets on the theme of football and non-violence, presented on the SDA-marketplace ChampSDA. The collections are based on the "10 WAYS", a tool developed by the Non-Violence Project to help young people behave responsibly.

In Phase 1, there will be 5 themes, each with two collections of 1,000 SDAs. The first, "Moments of Victory," related to the World Cup in Qatar, will be available for purchase as early as November 2022. For the Women's World Cup in Australia/New Zealand, the second phase with new collections is planned for July 2023. Further projects are currently under discussion.

The collections are available for sale on FOOTBALL FOR PEACE – ChampSDA. Some proceeds will support programs of the Non-Violence Project.

« We want to inspire and motivate children to overcome and prevent conflicts without ever resorting to violence. Football connects and moves, let's set an important sign with FOOTBALL FOR PEACE, because nobody is born violent » stated Markus Schruf from NVP Brazil.

Wolfgang Schwayda from ChampSDA added « ChampSDA attaches great importance to sustainable, social and ecological development. We are proud to be able to support FOOTBALL FOR PEACE with our expertise and thus make an important contribution to a future free of violence».


Markus Schruf, NVP Brazil Country Manager,


Wolfgang Schwayda, CEO ChampSDA,


ChampSDA is the world's first SDA marketplace. On Secure Digital Assets can be bought, sold and auctioned. SDAs represent digital works that can be acquired and traded in a simple, easy-to-understand and yet absolutely secure manner. Purchased SDAs are provided including a certificate on the climate neutral GreenSafe and stored securely.

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