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March 18, 2016
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The knitted, Knotted Gun!

Last week we were happily aware of the fact that TED Talk chosed to published a picture on their Instagram portraiting the knitted, knotted gun sculpture in Malmoe, Sweden. Out of all images shown at Magda Sayeg's TED Talk they picked this one.

Thank you TED!

Magda Sayeg, founder of the "Yarn Bombing Movement" went to Malmoe in Sweden and decorated the city's sculpture Non-Violence with her yarn. The sculpture in Malmoe is the second of a series of sculptures placed at prestigeous sites around the world, whereof the most famous one is placed outside the UN Headquarters in New York.

Check out Magda's speech on TED

TED's Instagram post:

TED's Instagram caption:

If this looks like a giant gun covered in yarn, that’s because it is. It’s a sculpture called “Non-violence,” created by Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd and decorated by artist Magda Sayeg. Her technique is called "yarn bombing," and she has covered everything from door handles to city buses. What inspired her? "I was very curious about this idea of enhancing the ordinary, the mundane, even the ugly,” she says. “Not taking away its identity or its functionality but just giving it a well-tailored suit out of knitting." Learn more at and follow @magdasaye

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