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August 27, 2014
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NVP team up with Raoul W Foundation

The Raoul Wallenberg Day was celebrated today in Stockholm.

NVP Scandinavia has entered in a partnership with the Raoul Wallenberg Academy and will showcase a civil courage activity at the Raoul Wallenberg Academy schools this fall as a first step of the partnership.

Raoul Wallenberg is one of NVP's "role models" used in the educational program's creative activities as an example of a good example, a strong civil courage and a non-violent perspective on difficulties and conflicts.


The Raoul Wallenberg Foundation also awarded their second award to a person who have made important efforts against xenophobia and for equal rights for all people. This year's winner was Emir Selimi, the founder of the organization Young Romani People. Emir:

"It feels fantastic, I can hardly express it in words what it means to us to be recognized like this in the spirit of Raul Wallenberg, he was such a fantastic human being."

Raoul Wallenberg Foundation

More info on the Facebook page (in Swedish)

Emir Selimi, the founder of the organization Young Romani People.
A part of the Raoul Wallenberg monument in Stockholm city center.

(Photo cred: Swedish Television)

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