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October 11, 2021
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NVP Brazil partners in a major educational favela project

The Non-Violence Project Foundation is pleased to announce the partnership between NVP BRAZIL, the YOU FOUNDATION and Hope ’87 in a major favela project.

The Non-Violence Project Foundation is thrilled to share the participation of NVP Brazil in a pre-school project called “Creche Comunitária Amigos-Santos”, an initiative dedicated to children in the favela Morro São Bento in Santos city.

“Creche Comunitária Amigos -Santos” is the result of the tireless work of UNITED TEAMS, the strategic alliance of the YOU Foundation (Germany) and HOPE’87 (Austria).

Thanks to UNESCO Special Ambassador, Dr. Ute Hernriette Ohoven, who raised funds for the YOU Foundation, this project will enable infrastructural improvement works in the preschool facility hosting around 150 children as well as the improvement of the educational programs and educational material, all in a Covid protective environment.

NVP Brazil is bringing its educational expertise both to children and adults through workshops on peaceful conflict resolution, the importance of self-esteem and other key tools to prevent and reduce violence. The workshops provided by NVP Brazil will be carried out over a 12-month period with monthly sessions involving all children, 15 teachers and staff, as well as an outreach program to the community of Morro São Bento.

The Non - Violence Project Foundation (NVPF)
NVP Brazil

You Foundation – www.

Hope ’87 - www.hope

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