Why we do what we do

Everything we do, we do because we want to end violence. We simply believe that violence is bad and peace is good.

We believe that everybody who has seen or experienced violence for real, wants to live a peaceful life rather than a violent one. We believe that you, and everybody else, possess the power to do something great with your life, and to positively affect the lives of the people around you.

And we believe that Mahatma Gandhi was right when he said: “If you want to change the world, start with the children.”

We believe in education. And we are convinced that it should be driven by the urge to know, not by the duty to teach.


How we do it

We inspire, motivate and engage young people to learn how to solve conflicts peacefully.

We meet them where they hang out – at their schools, sports clubs, on the streets and in all digital arenas – and we invite them to join our programs. which are based on two non-formal education methods: interaction and creativity.

Non-Violence education – students in Formatura, Brazil

Our educational approach is based on two non-formal education methods - interaction and creativity. They are all backed up by scientific findings and research studies from some of the world’s most experienced minds within the fields of psychology and education. We also include a heavy dose of common sense, and our own experiences from the 20+ years we’ve been communicating with young people.

The programs are implemented by great teachers, sports coaches and youth leaders, to whom we provide face to face or digital training, giving them guidelines, confidence and useful tools. WE measure all our work, to constantly be able to refine our programs.

Our goal is that the insights we provide can be used by young people right there and then, and last for an entire lifetime.


What we do

We educate young people in three subjects: self-esteem, conflict management and non-violence.

We also create awareness of our non-violence message, our movement, and our unique symbol, so that our programs can spread even farther, and benefit more young people around the world.

Non-Violence education – students in Gothenburg, Sweden



“Inspiring youth through education” is our main philosophy for change. Changing attitudes and behaviors, and promoting respectful, non-violent relationships is what we strive for.

We make it possible for teachers, sport coaches and youth leaders to interact with young people face-to-face, as well as through e-learning and other relevant digital formats. At present our programs are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek and Japanese

Non-Violence Education – Sports For Peace, Athletes Booklet Level 1-3

We constantly look for good educators who share our ambitions and who are willing to implement our programs into their local neighborhoods.

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The Non-Violence sculpture, the knotted gun, has become one of the world’s most recognized symbols for non-violence and peace. Since the original bronze sculpture was placed outside the UN headquarters in 1988, replica sculptures have been placed in more than 30 prestigious sites on five continents.

Non-Violence – knotted gun sculpture in golden sky

More about the sculpture

The knotted gun is our symbol and we use it to raise awareness around the world, as well as a creative element in our educational programs.

We promote our message along with our global ambassadors and local heroes. They join our movement by signing up on our online call for peace and non-violence: Give Peace a Face, and by artistically interpreting our symbol in their own way. These colorful replica sculptures are then exhibited at various events around the world in order to increase public awareness about our educational programs as well as communicating a non-cultural, non-religious and non-political message of non-violence, impossible to misunderstand.


Non-Violence _Yoko Ono's sculpture on stage at musical festival in Guadeljara, Mexico

Our ambassador Yoko Ono's knotted gun "Imagine Peace" on the stage at a musical festival in Guadeljara, Mexico, 2014.