What can be a better manifestation on a school than unveiling an uniquely designed knotted gun replika on the school yard, knowing it has been designed by the students?


Five steps on how to create a unique manifestation for non-violence and peace on your school. Check out how Samskolan and Viktor Rydbergskolan did it in Sweden:


In every community thera are people or businesses that want to do good. Get one, or a group of them, to sponsor your white glassfibre replica financially.

The glass fibre replica 
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2. run the program and a drawing competition

Implement our educational program "Schools For Peace" and invite the students to participate in a drawing competition of your schools's decorated knotted gun. You simply use the drawing sheets (with the original ink drawing of the knotted gun) and ask the students to interpret the symbol any way they want.

The Drawing 
At the Viktor Rydberg school, students draw their interpretations and participated in a drawing competition. Then the students voted...

3. let the students vote

Let students vote for best design and award the winner.

Antonia Awarded
...and Antonia's design won most votes and she was awarded at a special ceremony held at the school.

4. Paint the replica

Invite an artist painter to supervise and inspire the students to fulfill the drawing onto the replika. Be sure to use waterproof colors.

UNveiling ceremony
The replica was painted and here is Antonia by her unveiled replica on the school yard.

5. Create a Non-violence Day

Plan for a theme day for non-violence and peace and invite students, parents, the local community and local media to the unveiling ceremony for your unique school replica.

samskolan drawingsamskolan whitesamskolan paintingsamskolan painted
samskolan school yard
Samskolan in Gothenburg in Sweden arranged a Non-Violence For Peace Day and displayed their own knotted gun, created by the students, as well as displaying other colorful replicas.