Non-violence collaboration collections

Whether you order a metal pin, a shool replica in fibre glass, a pair of glasses or an ambassador art sculpture, you make a very important contribution to our cause – inspiring, engaging and motivating young people to understand how to solve conflicts more peacefully. Order online or visit our partner's stores. Thank you for sharing our ambition!

Non-Violence Headphones by Urbanista

The collaboration between Urbanista and Non-Violence is about taking a stand for peace, locally and globally. It’s about showing the next generation that conflicts can be solved without violence and that we can all make a difference.

The headphones have been designed with a message that you can carry with you everywhere. “Brains no bullets” is illustrated in glossy black along with icon of the famous knotted gun sculpture that serves as this generations most iconic representation of peace.

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Non-Violence Bangles by Arild Links


Support our global educational work and order the Non-Violence Bangle designed by Swedish Arild Links. The bangles are made of Humanium metal, a new type of metal, extracted from collected and destructed illegal firearms. Available in two designs, polished or raw Humanium metal.

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Watch the story about Humanium metal



Copy of Weekday-Non-Violence-Peace-Force_9105_31.jpg

Support us by buying one of the Peace Force Collection products to spread awareness about Peace and Non-Violence in your community. Part of the sales goes directly to the foundations global work to educate more young people in how to solve conflicts peacefully without resorting to violence. 

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nonviolence_shop_SmartEyes5EuroAd_WhiteFrame.pngThe collaboration with Smarteyes started in 2016 and since then there has been Non-Violence collections created and made available for purchase in Smarteyes stores in Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

For more information, visit (in Swedish)