Happy Holidays 2019

Your support has been of huge importance to our work in 2019.
All the success stories realized in this past year and that you will discover below have been possible THANKS to YOU. But, there is still more to do!









Bullying - 1 in 3 students are regularly bullied in school.

Sexual violence - 1 in 10 girls have been subjected to forced sexual acts by the age of 20.

Homicide - 200,000 homicides occur among youth aged 10-29 each year.

This is why we are hoping that you will stand by us next year and in the coming future in supporting a great cause: INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and ENGAGE people to learn how to solve conflicts peacefully.

During 2019, we have among many activities reached out to 35 new schools in Uganda, our Indian office strengthened its presence in new regions, Japan has further developed the collaboration with TSUKUBA University and its Sports Academy, our first courses started in Switzerland with new trainers, Sweden and Denmark carried out numerous training courses in schools, Mexico has educated 15 schools, Brazil is preparing new projects, the UK/Ireland has started a Schools for Peace project in Belfast.

We have concluded very interesting agreements with the STENA group and the National Basketball Association (NBA), covering both education and sculpture. And above all, we have developed new training courses that we are currently setting up in companies and in the administrations of the countries where we are working.

Our warmest thanks for your kind support during 2019.

We wish you a Peaceful & Happy Holiday / Blaise Oberson, CEO & the NVP Team worldwide