Non-Violence X DIVE Madhouse Collection in Store

In an exclusive Non-Violence x DIVE collaboration, Non-Violence together with DIVE have created a drop of high-quality clothing, with original art and design by DIVE.

   Non-Violence x DIVE_2.jpg

The art and overall look, being inspired by a romantic yet raw vintage 80’s-90’s look. Incorporating pastel colors and reflexive tones of paint while creating the art. Original art, which is then merged with the powder-pink trademark of the Knotted Gun. This final artwork in full, lastly being shot and printed on a polariod card. Summarizing the collaboration in bold, somewhat blurred neon lettering of Non-Violence x DIVE, on the front of the hoodie.

Clothing is available in white hoodie as well as grey and white t-shirts. Sizes XS-XL.

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Non-Violence x DIVE_Grå_1.jpg   About DIVE Madhouse:

DIVE is the artist pseudonym for Paris-born, Sweden-based painting artist Fredrik Sologub. Working out of DIVE Madhouse Studio & Showroom in Gothenburg and Stockholm, Sweden. With his very colourful original works, spanning over the abstract spectra from dreamy in form to playful in figure - he has over the passed couple of years exhibited in e.g. New York, London, Laguna Beach, Venice and China.

Under the pseudonym DIVE, he lets his very raw, naked and intense expression pass in color, on canvas. Using tools such as raw brushes, painting knives, spray cans and his bare hands - in his improvisational approach towards the bare canvas. Mediums, being merely a tool for the channeled emotion, vary between acrylics, oils, spray paint, oil pastels and water. Whatever suits the desired effect and technique of the moment. See and read more on or visit @divemadhouse on Instagram.