TOGETHER WE CAN - Non-bullying/Gender Equality program

The purpose of this program is to reduce and prevent bullying, increase everyone’s role as proactive bystanders, and create safe and supportive school environments.


  • Based on prevention and intervention.
  • Wholistic – educates school leadership, teachers, students, families.


  • 1 year program @ 1 hour per week student session.


  • School Guide manual
  • Classroom curriculum:
  • Teacher Manual
  • Student Manual
  • Family Information

Method of delivery:

  1. Action Group training
  • Educating selected school administration, teachers, school staff, parents and students responsible for planning and co-ordinating school-wide program (using step-by-step School Guide manual)
  1. Train the Trainer program – purpose of this program is two-fold:
  • Teachers go through activities as ‘students’ and experience the change themselves
  • Teachers learn how to facilitate the program to students
  1. Student Education – teachers delivering program to students
  2. Family Education – families receive information and tips on how to support social and emotional growth of their children