We live in a world of aggression and frustration. We need to work at all level to establish peace. Many organizations around the world work for peace. But not everyone succeeds. Most fail to sustain their efforts.


Here we have a sustainable model for a non-violent society. Our “Peace Schools for Sustainability" focus on the 5Ps. People, Planet, Peace, Prosperity and Partnerships. We work with children from Class 1 to 12.

Peace for these children will not be a noun but a verb. They will internalize peace through their curriculum in school. They will imbibe the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. They will speak and act non-violence. They will be peace makers, peace champions, peace leaders and peace mentors to each other.

They will incorporate the 17 sustainable development goals into their reading, into their lesson plans and into their lives. Peace School for Sustainability will prepare a generation which will not require to learn peace and non-violence theory in an add on or extra-curricular period but this will be integral part of their day to day life while they are in school. We organize week long peace courses, online courses, summer and winter school. You and your school can be part of this initiative.

During Summer and Winter breaks D.Ed, B.Ed and M.Ed students and Peace fellows will come together to learn peace and nonviolence theory. We do so by integrating SDG agenda.  They will also build course curriculum for school. There will be a number of exchange programs across the world.

All attendee of "Peace School for Sustainability" during short term or long term or online courses will become a "Peace & Sustainability Mentor". He or she will implement and extend this program in their country or city or school wherever they go.

Till 2020 we will be conducting short term courses in different zones of India keeping mind SDG 4 (Ensure inclusive and equal Education opportunity and lifelong learning for all-inclusive), Indicators and Sub-Indicators. During this experiment and pilot, we will be also developing complete course curriculum for school integrating local heritage, culture and customs.

From 2020 to 2025 we will adopt 100 Kasturba Gandhi Residential School around the country which will be converted into smart sustainable schools of "Peace School for Sustainability"

Starting from 2025 to 2030 we will ensure that there is one Peace School in every state capital of India. This will be a model and showcase of initiative which promotes and ensure peace around the country.

We are looking for partners to organize Short term and Longterm permanent "Peace School for Sustainability".

If you have land 20 Acre or more, if you have the passion to establish a unique school with above concept then let us join hands together. We welcome every suggestion and better ideas to integrate into our concept as we are in the initial phase.