Events for Peace


Peace be with you. Om Shanti. Salaam.
Peace as a Verb
Peace as a noun is a very soothing word.

But peace as a verb must encompass you and envelop you. You should be a peace practitioner, a peace builder, a peace champion every minute of your life. You must be the peace fulcrum of your community.

“Everything - Peace = Nothing”

In every town and city we would like to bring the peace leaders and champions together to decide and take responsibility for a steady array of peace actions and to mobilize, enrol and engage more and more peace makers.

This will be the starting point for that town or city to march toward peace and become stronger and stronger as a peaceful and wholesome community of people.

Your Best Investment this Year

If you have received this it is because we see you as a peace initiator and peace sustainers and therefore you will be one of the organizers of the Peace Parliament in your area. In other words, peace begins with you and peace goes wherever you go.

Sponsor and support the Peace Parliament in your area.
A peace parliament costs very little money and one day of your life. This will be your best investment this year.

Don’t forget to download and our Peace Chalisa (now under preparation), a book about the 40 skills and competencies you require as a Peace Champion.