NVP – An educational initiative

The Non-Violence Project Foundation is a non-profit foundation with the mission to inspire, engage and motivate young people to understand how to solve conflicts without resorting to violence.


We have a strong track record having educated and trained 6 million youth, teachers and sport coaches around the world. Our well documented content is evidence based and most programs are included in our program library.


Our education programs and our outreach initiatives have won many awards for best practise. The awards include the President Obama's Call To Service Award, Presidential Daily Light Award, received by President Bill Clinton, the Paul Harris Fellow Award given by Rotary International, the American National Safety Council Award for best practise, the Weed & Seed Award given by US Justice Department in 2009 and Best Non-Profit Award by Facebook for the bold ambition to collect One Billion Faces For Peace. More.


Our partners during the years have come from all walks of life. From the business community, governments, education authorities, sports organisations and from private donations. We strongly believe in partnerships across all borders. Therefore we also partner with other NGO’s, where we see strong synergies. There is no reason to reinvent wheels.



In the fall of 1993, somewhere in the mountains of Switzerland, the artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd, senior creative director and marketing professional Rolf Skjöldebrand and Jan Hellman, a top ranked IKEA director at the time working with Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd’s art collection, sat down for a dinner. They discussed how the sculpture Non-Violence – known as one of the strongest peace symbols on the planet – could be elevated into becoming a symbol for tangible non-violence initiatives. Based on ideas of the power of knowledge, violence prevention, and conflict solving the Non-Violence Project was born with a goal to target the next generations inspiring them in how to adapt a peaceful lifestyle.

The concept was piloted in Sweden and over the next few years it grew successfully, establishing offices in the U.S., Brazil, Germany and South Africa. The sculpture Non-Violence was also unveiled in several strategic places around the world, most notably in Johannesburg in memory of Kelly Mtembu, a South African NVP-staff member who became a victim of violence, causing us to believe even stronger in the idea of non-violence.

The beginning of the new millenium saw changes and new developments of our educational programs for schools and the sports community. The focus on sports proved successful and later projects such as the “Knot Violence Campaign” aimed at young football players around the world, and “Futbol for Peace” during FIFA World Cup in South Africa 2010, were introduced to further the outreach of our concept. The idea of a fibre glass replica of the symbolic sculpture Non-Violence used during “Futbol for Peace” has also become a strategic symbol for the present campaign “Imagine One Billion Faces For Peace” which emerged in 2010 as the largest call for peace ever manifested in honor of the legacy of John Lennon, 30 years after his tragic death.




During the four year period 2014-2017 NVP has increased its international activities from 10 to 30 countries. During these years we have been acknowledged and awarded by several institutions for best educational practice such as the, the Call to Service Award by President Obama and two times the Paul Harris Award by Rotary International. We have also been awarded by the US Justice Department, HRH Queen Silva of Sweden as well as by the Mexican, South African and Ugandan Ministries of Education.

To date we have educated and trained 8 million students, teachers and sport coaches and we have over two million followers on our various social media platforms.

We have focused our efforts on three main subjects: Conflict management, self-esteem and the philosophy of non-violence. To effectively implement our core subjects we have been concentrating on two methods: interaction and creativity. The overall objective for the education has been to complete and strengthen the educational offer (live training, e-learning, new program development), and establish monitoring and evaluation framework for all levels.

Our Face-to-Face Education Programs now covers subjects like the philosophy of non-violence, conflict management, self-esteem, emotional intelligence and bullying. We provide Master Training and Train the Trainer Programs to schoolteachers, sport coaches, university students and youth leaders who then reach out to young people in their community.

Our digital platform consists of a mobile app (SpeakUp!) which gives students and athletes a tool to anonymously report misdemeanours back to their schools or sports clubs. Then we provide an online library (LearnUp!) where schools or sports clubs can select and implement appropriate educational programs through e-learning training. With this information, schools or sports club can select and implement accurate education programs from our digital library trough e-learning classroom training. To strengthen the use of the digital platform, the schools or sports club can opt to have the physical presence of a NVP trainer to introduce the Schools or Sports for Peace programs to teachers and coaches.


2013 has been a year where we have tried out associations with already established organisations in a couple of countries such as Liberia, Sierra Leone, Peru and Sri Lanka. This to find out how we, in an effective way can reach out to even more young people around the globe. So far the results looks promising and we believe that for the future this can really become a cost effective way to expand our presence in new regions. During this year we have also established new offices in Russia and Greece and further expanded our presence to California, US. World Cup 2014 is just months away and during the Confederations Cup in Brazil we show cased our Football for Peace program as well as the Favella program, financed by the Swedish Postlkod lottery. 2013 also marked the year when we introduced our Football for Peace program to National Football Associations, NFL. During the Superball in New Orelans we arranged flag football games integrated with our Sports for Peace program. UNAM, Mexico finalized the NVP training and we now have 25.000 teachers that will introduce the Schools for Peace program to the whole school system in Mexico. During this year we have also embarked on a new and exciting journey, to understand how we can make our education content available in digital form, with the same level of entertainment and pedagogic values.


The year took off with a Non-Violence Exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil including interpretations of our strong symbol by highly recognized Brazilian artists such as Antonio Peticov, Gregory Fink, Ivald Granato, Luciana Azevedo an the rocker Derrick Green. This was followed by a training and introduction of the Schools and Sports for Peace program, conducted by our head of training Fanny Davidsson. The Futebal Pela Paz program was introduced in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janerio, spearheaded by our Country Manager Markus Schruf. We also did a re launch in Sweden that was very successful with extremely good results, creating the foundation for a broader roll out in Scandinavia. An important initial step were also taken to establish the University for Peace program at the New School in New York, USA, creating a foothold in the eastern parts of the US.


This is the year when we initiatied the University for Peace program, first in Mexico in partnership with UNAM, Central America’s most prestigious university and then at St Andrews Scotland. 2011 also marked the year when our pilot phase in Uganda came to an end and we, under the leadership of Eddy Balina, officially opened our office in Jinja, north east of Kampala.


On the symbolic day, December 8th 2010, and 30 years after the tragic death shooting of John Lennon, we launched the world's largest call for peace and non-violence ever manifested – the Imagine One Billion Faces For Peace campaign. Iobffp is an educational outreach manifestation to honor the legacy of John, elevating his vision of peace and non-violence into the twenty first century. Iobffp was awarded The Facebook Non-Profit Award at SIME 2010 in competition with some other 36 global non-profit NGO's.


We brought a replica of the knotted gun to Portsmouth, England and did our first pilot of what became the Futbol for Peace- program, which we later implemented during the World Cup in South Africa in summer 2010.


The idea of a fibre glass replica of the knotted gun was introduced to get our symbol closer to our core target. The replica was made in a slightly smaller size than the original bronze statue.


The sports focus showed to be sucessful and was well received by sport coaches and volunteers. In 2007 we introduced the Knot Violence Campaign aiming to reach out to young football players around the world with the support of celebrity football players.


Launched new educational programs for schools and the sports community.


Established our NVP Office in South Africa
Established our NVP Office in Germany


Placed the Non-Violence sculpture in Stockholm, Sweden, unveiled by HRH Princess Victoria of Sweden.


Established our NVP Office in Brazil

Received the Presidential Daily Light Award
Received the Rotary International Achievement


Established the NVP New York Office

Unveiled the Non-Violence sculpture at Florida International University on the Martin Luther King Day.


The NVP concept was piloted in Sweden with great success. We invited the business community to partner in our endeavour and toured roughly 100 cities, spreading our message. 24 months later we had reached 100.00 students and initiated close to 300 local projects. Once we had created proof of concept, we started to look at the United States. We wanted to place our message at the heart of the youth culture.

Established the NVP USA office in Miami, Florida and the NVP UK office in London.


What if we created a content driven concept, targeting the next generation inspiring them to increase their knowledge about how to solve conflicts in a more peaceful way? Knowledge is power and most young people attend school. So, why not attract the school infrastructure to include violence prevention and life skills into the basic schedule?

Based on those ideas the Non-Violence Project emerged with its long term vision to reach out to as many schools, teachers and students as possible. The mission was clear; to inspire, engage and motivate young people to learn how to solve conflicts peacefully.

Established the NVP Stockholm Office in Sweden


The bronze sculpture Non-Violence was unveiled as an official symbol for peace and non-violence at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.


Our signature logo, the well known Non-Violence symbol- the gun with the knotted barrel – was created by the Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd as a memorial tribute to John Lennon and his vision about a world less violent.