Giving students a chance

We are introducing a digital education and resource platform with the objective to make schools safer while increasing the health of each school.


This is a digital education initiative based on more than 20 years hands-on experiences from non-formal education in schools and sports clubs in more than 30 countries.

We have a burning desire to end youth violence. There's a bigger urge than ever to reach out to the upcoming generation around the world with inspiring and dynamic tools to get this epidemic to stop. According to WHO, youth violence is the fourth leading cause of death in young people worldwide.

We are currently in the process of developing and introducing three exciting new tools:

Speak Up Flow

The app that gives students a voice and an opportunity to report unlawful incidents or giving positive cred.

SPEAK UP – The reporting tool for young people to make it possible to report all incidents and misdemenours happen in their school. All these reports are gathered in a management system for the school, so they can react promptly and with the correct measures.



Stand Up Flow

The online stage for young people who want to voice their opinion and create and share their messages.

STAND UP – Dealing with issues based on students concerns and being able to express and share them safely within a school requires a onliune stage that all the students have the same access to.




Learn Up Flow

The online academy that gives schools access to suitable educational programs for teachers and students.

LEARN UP – To secure sustainable measurements by the school we will offer our digital library of evidence based violence prevention education programs. Each teacher will be able to visit the library and select a program and if necessary join an e-learning course to prepare to deliver an inspiring and motivating prevention session with their students.