Paul McCartney | UK

Sir Paul McCartney joined NVP as Peace and Non-Violence Ambassador in April 2012.

Paul McCartney and the NVP Team in Mexico.

Sir Paul McCartney's model of the sculpture – inspired by his Magical Mystery Tour Piano.

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Sir Paul and his Magical Mystery Tour Piano at the Lollapalooza Festival 2015 (Photo: ChicagoReader Bobby Talamine).

ChicagoReader about Pauls performance at Lollapalooza Festival 2015: "Paul McCartney’s set was bombastic and indulgent and the most energetic of day one. He rolled out his solo songs alongside his… well, they’re all classics, aren’t they? There were plenty of literal fireworks to accompany “Live and Let Die,” there were plenty of refrains of “Hey Jude,” and McCartney himself probably played ten different guitars. When people talk about Lollapalooza 2015, this is the set that'll come up first. This one’s going to stick. It will always be about Paul."