Patrizia Gucci | ITALY

Patrizia is a Peace and Non-Violence Ambassador and has interpreted the knotted gun in her characteristic painting style:

Patriza Gucci receives a prestigious Italian prize for her design of the Knotted Gun and what it stands for. 

"Non-Violence and peace has always been important to me and I am pleased to have been invited to participate in this important global cause."

Extract from an interview with Patrizia in the Italian magazine The Florentine:

TF: What was it like growing up a "Gucci"?

PG: Well, it was quite a unique family. In a way, the Guccio Gucci company was the real family. I didn’t have a very traditional up-bringing. My father always said that it wasn’t essential for me to marry and raise a family. He encouraged me to have a career and express myself creatively.

I’m now primarily a writer and a designer. My brand is called Patti Patti G, and I create accessories for the Japanese market—like ties, shoes, bags and watches. I also design kimonos, but most of my line is quite traditional. My target customer is in the 25–50 age range, and my lines are not quite high-end fashion, because luxury products don’t have a very large market. Perhaps that’s an area I will develop in the future. I also design glass mosaics for a company in Vicenza. I learned the trade in Istanbul. It’s a very creative process. I mix my colours with my own brushes And, then, you could also call me a painter. I paint to express the dreamy side of myself.

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(Portrait photo: Maciej Plucinski)