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44två AB is a company with over 40 years of experience in web development.

We are fully committed to be the best CMS developers in the market, this makes our offering quite unique and hard to match for other full-service bureaus.

We know that in order to become an expert you need focus. Our focus is on the Content Management System market with platforms like Episerver, Umbraco, Sitecore and other .NET based platforms.

We always have these things top of mind:

  • functional and easy to administer
  • durable, a website from us can be extended for years to come
  • mobile, add content in one place - make it accessible in multiple channels

We work agile and appreciate different partners in different projects.

We are used to work with big and small design bureaus as well as big and small clients and we know that every client presents a unique challenge.

We modestly face our clients with respect and adapt us after every unique situation.

We are professional developers and have worked with renown clients like Ahlsell, Scania, MTG, Axfood etc.

44två knows what it takes to build a modern professional website that can be extended over many years.

For a meeting, call or send an email.

Best Regards

Christian H Ridderstolpe
+46 703 266 000