Since the start in 1993 we have been approached by many non-violence advocates whom have felt that something has to be done about the violence in their community. Some of them has successfully built up a healthy and sustainable organization with a little support and contributed immensively to a more peaceful environment for their citizens.

Start in your country/region

NVP will direct, guide and support new initiatives with all its experience and one senior person from the NVP Foundation team will be your personal development liaisons, focusing on structure, funding, training and program development.


In order to safeguard a high quality and long lasting organization we need to overview certain issues in a step-by-step process:


The key prerequisite for initiating The Non-Violence Project in any country, region or city is that it is self supported from a financial point of view. To meet the overall objective of creating a radical change in attitudes, each NVP initiative needs to secure funding for at least 2-3 years.


• Proper legal arrangements have to be established between the NVPF and the local NVPunit.
• A non-profit entity, with the name “the Non-Violence Project/Country/Region or City has to be established, once the basic agreement is signed.
• NVPF handles and secures all trademark issues.


• Identify and recruit an Executive Director and one individual who can become Master Trainer.
• Recruit a local NVP board.Should be gender equal and consist of 50% youth.


• Review the NVP program content and decide on necessary local adaptions.
• Identify organizations you need to cooperate with, e.g. School Authorities, Community organizations, Police Departments, Youth organizations, media, etc
• Identify 1-3 schools for the NVP Pilot program to create proof of concept.
• Develop an initial overall plan for the start up phase, including financial requirements, funding opportunities etc.
• Develop a presentation for external use.
• Plan initial training for key human recourses 3-5 days including on site presentation at one of the selected schools
• Identify potential local funding partners.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE introductionS to schools

To appear consistent with NVP, you need to prepare your presentation prior to meeting schools officials. Below you will find a checklist of what your need to do; Basic presentation material will be
supplied by NVPF.

• Fact sheet about violence in the country, region, city
• Facts about other organizations/initiatives in the region
• Presentation of NVPF and the local NVP organization
• Objectives with the implementation of the NVP education initiative in the school, including need for language adaption
• Fact sheet for each school
• Decide scheduling, location, age groups to be target, amount of students.
• A relevant leave behind package and reference to web sites for more in depth information


• Manage relations with partner schools and school authorities
• Create and manage relationship with the funding community
• Establish training programs at selected schools
• Participate in community activities and build relationships with other community organizations, leaders and members.

1. THE pilot phase

1. Prior to the launch, the new local NVP organization will be fully informed about NVP’s strategy, structure and ways of working. Selected local trainer(s) will be given a three-five day training program at cost, followed by an additional 2 day follow up, all under the leadership of the NVP Head Coach.

2. Once the introduction training is done and all legal and administrative paperwork are in place, the new local office can start inviting schools, sport clubs, local teachers and coaches to initiate the training and implementation of the NVP basic education program
“Schools for Peace/Sport for Peace, level 1. NVP will also during 2016 start offering digital distribution of our programs and an e-learning classroom for training as well as give advice how to create awareness around NVP, its mission and education content. The objective with this activity is to make sure that all stakeholders in the region know what NVP stands for and can deliver.

3. The local NVP office should from the beginning consist of at least two persons; one focusing on training and education content and the other person focusing on administration, fundraising and marketing.

4. The local NVP Master Trainers (s) should select 2-3 schools as a pilot, to create proof of concept for the continuation of the implementation of the program.

5. Once the pilot is completed, the responsibility of the local NVP office is to, on an on going basis, support the school system by offering regional trainings, where teachers, sport coaches and volunteers can refine their understanding of the programs. These trainings should be offered to the community for a reasonable price that both a school, sport club or even an individual can afford.

6. Preparing for a start up of a local NVP organization, you need to allow 4-6 months for planning and the implementation of the 10 week Pilot phase.


The NVP evidenced based education library is based on two methods; creativity and interaction. We use art and imagination to appeal to our students and we strive to interact with each participant
to understand what motivates them to learn more and grow.

We focus on three subjects; the philosophy of non-violence, the foundations of self esteem and conflict management. Based on these subjects we have divided our basic program content into two
target program areas – schools and sports club.

Special programs that address topics, such as Anger Management, Multicultural differences, Sexual abuse and Bullying can be implemented, based on the assessments you do. Certain NVP offices also offer on site violence prevention daily services as well as Entrepreneurship trainings.

The NVP implementation is based on a train the trainers approach. The NVP Head Coach trains local Master Trainers who train local teachers/coaches who trains students in schools and sport clubs.
During 2017 we will also start offering digital classrooms for training as well as digital programs, that will be possible to download from our websites.

Read more about our educational approach here.


It is important that we measure the effects of our education programs. All NVP offices should, together with the school administration, establish evaluation tools based on the present situation of
incidents of violence. Our programs include basic evaluations forms.
During the implementation, local NVP and school should set and monitor goals. NVP has developed its own assessment tool but we also use independent evaluators to measure success.

Raising Awareness

It is of great importance that NVP creates a strong presence in the community. Apart from all programs and activities that we implement, we also need to communicate our efforts via the following channels:

• Creating partnerships with local and national media
• Recruiting local and national role models as spokes persons and also offer them to create their own version of the non-violence symbol, (see examples on our website)
• Utilize our websites and social media platforms. If necessary create local pages in local languages. NVPF will support you with basic frame works.

Read more about our awareness raising initiatives here.


NVP is in the unique position to have a well-known piece of art as its symbol. Its simplicity and global appeal will always play an important role in our effort to communicate the objectives of NVP.

Merchandising creates both presence for the symbol in the region where you are active and can as well become an important tool for raising funds. Proceeds from all merchandising sold in your region will be shared with NVPF according to the Agreement. The merchandising of the knotted gun as the Symbol of NVP is important for two reasons:

1. By getting the symbol visible in the community, you strengthen the presence of the project. Individuals can, by wearing the Symbol, make a statement that they endorse the activities of the NVP, implemented in their community.

2. Proceeds from the merchandising sales will always be an important revenue-possibility for each NVP organisation.

The basic prerequisite for merchandising our Symbol is that NVP and its education initiative has been established, prior to any merchandising activity. In this way we pre-empt the opinion that it is
only a piece of art and instead create synergy between the fact that it is a well known sculpture placed outside the United Nations in New York and at 30+ other prominent places around the world and the NVP education initiatives implemented in the region.

The lapel pin and NVP bracelet are by far the best and most profitable merchandising products.

Shirts, mini sculptures, posters and similar will work the best as promotion articles to partners and/or for certain activities. In order to sell pins successfully you have to establish sales points through
the retail environment in your region or through direct sales.

NVP has its own web store and for local designed products you either sell them direct to customer or through our web store.


Images of the Knotted Gun, the Non-Violence Project, Talk It Out, Imagine a World in Peace, Schools for Peace, Sport for Peace, Music for Peace, Knot Violence, Give Peace a Face, Imagine One Billion Faces For Peace, Rock the Violence, and Knowledge is Power are all protected
trademarks and can only be used with the strict authorization of the Non-Violence Project Foundation, Switzerland.

Contact PERSONS:

We at NVP are at your disposal for support and you can contact us, either through mail or phone:

Mr Blaise Oberson, CEO
Ms Ivana Busljeta, Head of Global Education
Mr Jan Hellman, Founder and Chairman
Mr Rolf Skjoldebrand, Founder

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