Help Eddy get his van!

Eddy Balina is our hero in Uganda. He started up by himself in his former school in Jinja. Today he and his volunteers are inspiring youth in schools all around Uganda.


NVP Uganda has an education centre in Jinja, near the capital Kampala. Eddy and this team are educating thousands of students every year. They have implemented our school- and sports program as well as inspirational programs for young entrepreneurs and special programs for young girls.

We are proud to hear that more and more cities and shools in Uganda are asking for the NVP education programs and wants the team to come for a visit... but the NVP-team needs a van in order to get there.

EDDY NEEDS 10.000 USD – pitch in and get your name on the van:

Donate any amount to help Eddy get his van so they can spread the Non-Violence message further and deeper around the hoods!

Uganda Map