Welcome teachers, coaches and YOUTH leaders!

You are the ones that can make it happen for real...by reaching out to the young people in your community. You are in good company with thousands of others from around the world, already implementing our peace programs and helping the upcoming generation to better understand how to live a greater life.

We are happy that you have taken interest in our movement and we hope that you will feel inspired enough to continue. Below you find a brief overview of the various NVP educational opportunities. They are all meant to serve our mission to inspire, engage and motivate young people to learn how to solve conflicts peacefully.

If you are interested in any of the below, please consult with your local NVP Coordinator:



Non-Violence Education – Peace Program Introduction

If you would like to join us on our journey, your first step should be to take a look at our Peace Program Introduction. It will give you a good picture of what this is all about, as well a the statutes, values and basic ideas we use throughout the process in our educational platform.


Non-Violence Education – Trainers For Peace Booklet and Diploma

If you are a teacher, sports coach, mentor or youth leader, you can sign up for our NVP Train the Trainer program and learn how to facilitate NVP programs for young people.

You can either attend 2-3 days of face-to-face training session, or enroll in our e-learning program of online study, which also includes a webinar where our tutors help you understand the content in more depth. The face-to-face training sessions are at this stage only performed in countries or markets where we are active already, or at regional sessions which you will have to travel to, in order to attend. Once our online e-learning program is launched (planned during the fall/winter 2014) we will inform you on this page about the conditions and application procedures.

Completing this program gives you a NVP Train the Trainers Diploma and the title of NVP Trainer.  


Non-Violence Education – Online Academy Develop Your Skills

Once you are a NVP-trainer you can keep up your training skills by attending our development trainings and participate in our regional experience exchange workshops.

These activities are developed differently in different regions, depending on the development stage of the local NVP-office or affiliate, but they work by sharing experiences and learning more, in collaboration with other NVP Trainers.

This development phase is at present conducted via local face-to-face update meetings and/or online group videoconferences or chat sessions. More information about these opportunities will be posted on this page in times to come.


Non-Violence Education – Master Trainer Booklet and Diploma

If you are ambitious and passionate about spreading the non-violence message, and would like to work with adults as well as young people, then our Master Training program is designed for you.

Our Master Training program will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to facilitate programs with teachers, sports coaches, youth leaders, and young people.

Completing this program gives you an NVP Master Training Diploma, and the title of NVP Master Trainer.



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