We use funds for the education of young people around the world. We train teachers, sports coaches, volonteers and university students to spread our educational programs where they live. Thank you for sharing our ambition!



No Violence Fist SignFourteen year old Adem lives in Sweden, in one of the suburbs of Stockholm. Adem moved with his family from a war zone to Sweden, in 2012, in order to escape the war in his home country. He was raised in accordance to the customs of his parents and grandparents. That is to say, you hit a child if you presume a child have done something wrong. Adem participated in the "School for Peace Program" initiated by his school. Gradually, he realized that one does not need violence to solve a conflict. Adem informed his teacher that he aimed to be the first in his generation to break with old family custom of using violence.

Thanks to donations - Adem's school was offered the Schools for Peace program and this has given him the strength and confidence to end violence.


Mauricio in MexicoMauricio started the NVP Mexico office back in 2010. The level of violence is high...very high. The team started to educate young students and athletes and have now educated an estimated 2 million kids, teachers, coaches and youth leaders all over the country.

When the President of the USA, Barack Obama visited Mexico City in 2013 he visited the ministry of education amongst many other institutions. At a press conference he stated that the NVP programs are "One of the best youth education programs in the world". Obama has also awarded our foundation with "The President'e Call To Service Award".

How could all this happen? Well, thanks to generous donations...